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Ken Hom Excellence Two Tier Bamboo Steamer, 20cm

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Description Ken Hom is acknowledged as one of the world's leading experts on authentic Chinese and Asian cooking. Not only is he passionate about using high-quality ingredients, but also highly effective cookware and accessories. This commitment to great flavour and quality is why the Ken Hom wok range is one of the world's longest lasting brand names in cookware.

A traditional two tiered steamer made from bamboo ideal for cooking vegetables, rice or fish simultaneously as well as a variety of other dishes. The slatted base of each tier allows steam to penetrate and circulate through to the very top, ensuring food cooks perfectly with minimal loss of nutrients. The stackable design allows for using both or just one basket at a time depending on what and how much you want to steam. With a diameter of 20cm, this steamer fits perfectly into all Ken Hom woks as well as a number of other pans. The size also ensures it is the ideal capacity to cook a complete meal for 4 people.

Care & Use Not suitable for the dishwasher. To clean, handwash with hot water and mild deterrgent if desired. Thoroughly dry with a clean cloth.

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